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02.04.2021, Southside Fringe (online)

14.12.2019, Summerhall, Edinburgh, UK

09.10.2019, CCA, Glasgow, UK


Produced by //BUZZCUT// with support from Creative Scotland and Anatomy Arts. Filmed by Oliver Benton and Anatomy Arts.

Photography by Rich Dyson and Tiu Makkonen. Costume design by Noush. Masks by Medis. Additional help from Iena Janskova, Karl Taylor, F.K. Alexander, Lewis Sherlock, Danni Deans and Decagram. Starring Alima Askew, Oskar Hansen, Talulah Hannah Wright, Medis, Noush.

"Do you have X? That certain something? Have you been biding your time? Do you just want to be up there? You know you do. You have always known. We have always known and in all ways known. Your dreams. Your deepest desires. Your moment. We are here to take you there on the neXt step."

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