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We Eagerly Await YOUR 
Complete SUbMiSSiON

 "Do you have X? That certain something? Have you been biding your time? Do you just want to be up there?  You know you do.   You have always known. We have always known and in all ways known. Your dreams. Your deepest desires. Your moment. 

 We are here to take you there on the neXt step." 

wex promo.jpg

Photography by Tiu Makkonen and Rich Dyson

An ongoing project drawing parallels between the rhetoric of doomsday

cults and reality television.
Inspired by and in memo
ry of the

high number of humiliated reality television contestants and cult

members who have committed suicide.

 Exploring the "self".

Produced by //BUZZCUT//
live work supported by 
Creative Scotland small project funding and Anatomy Arts



 Northern School of Contemporary Dance





//BUZZCUT// in support of Ron Athey
_Centre for Contemporary Arts 




 The project was initially inspired by an article on the high number of reality TV contestants that had commited suicide and whether there was an adequete screening process for vulnerable indivuals and suitable support during and after filming. To test this we applied to the X-Factor Series #15 auditions in 2018 using the   details of Paula Goodspeed. An auditionee who despite forewarning that they were a vunerable person was auditioned and included in the final   broadcast. After humiliation on the  show they comitted outside a judge's   house 2 years later.
We sucessfully got the auditon.*


*They do identity checks after your first and can't screen any "graphic or distressing imagery"








 An advertisement was subsequently posted with the terminology that was both aquired and inspired by this experience to see how many respondents we would reach.

The advertisement is available here:












A self-help-your-self tape created

from street performance, adaptions

of the stagework, responses to the print advert, motivational self-help tapes and binaural frequencies.




outhside Fringe
(live stream



A 12 step self-help-your-self programming series created from responses to the print advert, motivational self-help tapes, channeling tapes, interviews at

the X-Factor auditions

and binaural frequencies.




 Radiophrenia Festival
Centre for Contemporary Arts

















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