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Sawney Ha’peth’s Free Cringe Festival





04.08.2018 – 23.08.2018 (excluding 17.08.2018)


Fringe Venue 171, CC Blooms, Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Filmed by Oliver Benton


Sawney Ha’peth takes you on a magickal journey through the inner and outer worlds of Scotus.

5 stars ★★★★★  5 stars ★★★★★  5 stars ★★★★★


"Sawney Ha'peth's Free Cringe Festival - 45 minutes of our lives, in which we had little or no idea as to what was happening all around (literally) us. Whatever it was - and there are many possibilities - it was utterly compelling; even if it was, at the same time, unsettling, unnerving, disconcerting, and sonically uncomfortable. This is either performance art at its best, or, a lot of nonsense that's presented as art - you decide! If you do go and see this - and please do, if you're of an adventurous nature - please tell us what you think it's about. Perhaps then, it'll all become clearer to us. We loved this. We stood, applauding wildly, at the end. Worth a visit, if you dare."


- The Write Angle, 07.08.2018

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