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 A 3-part installation and performance about the connection between collective flashbulb memory events and popular music. Inspired by the UK's bestselling song still being Candle In The Wind '97 by Elton John.  
A so
ng re-written to be commemorate the death of Princess Diana.


 1 of 3: Please browse the (re)collection store 

 A collection of 100 sealed mp3 players each containing a different sound piece. Featuring a datamoshed version of one ofthe   UK's 100 bestselling songs in one channel and a personal flashbulb memory from the general public
 about the death of   Princess Diana or 9/11.


Audio coming soon...


 2 of 3: WW#3 Broadcast 

 Two audiovisual works using two songs specifically related to flashbulb memories - Candle in the Wind ‘97 by Elton John   (about the death of Princess Diana) and Where Were You? by Alan Jackson (about 9/11). Both songs were transcribed intoMorse   code and broadcast on a short-range transmitter. The video was taken from both karaoke programs and an archive of the now   obsolete CEEFAX service documenting both events.​​ These two works continuously ran over two synchronised CRT televisions.


 3 of 3: #1 Hit Trauma (memory rehearsal) 

 A recital of the most commonly used words (from most frequent to least frequent) in popular music over a soundscape   created from the 100 bestselling songs​ in the UK (from 100 to 1).




 Butchart Hall, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen


Sonic Arts MMus Degree Show


#1 Hit Trauma ⇄ .
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