Impress (at X-Factor auditon)

"Its not over" - Paula Goodspeed




Season 15 X-Factor Auditions, Omni Centre, Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Filmed by Oliver Benton


The disruption was inspired after reading an article about the high number of reality television show contestants who have committed suicide. Wanting to test if Simon Cowell's company Syco Entertainment had a screening process for vulnerable individuals we applied with the full details of one of the most notable casualties at the time, Paula Goodspeed. Goodspeed was a clearly troubled individual but was allowed to audition for "entertainment value" on the show. During their audition Simon Cowell repeatedly ridiculed them over their appearance - it was a humiliation Goodspeed never got over, subsequently committing suicide outside the home of Paula Abdul (another of the show's judges) two years later. Perhaps unsurprisingly we got an offer for an audition. After researching the audition process online we realised that there was a full background check after the second round so decided to do something in character in the initial round that could not be screened. The auditions were bleak - an industrial turnover of breaking people’s dreams filled with contradictory language. Not wanting to do anything they could air our 'audition' consisted of vomiting blood we had drunk earlier and running away.

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