We Eagerly Await Your Complete Submission

"Do you have X? That certain something? Have you been biding your time? Do you just want to be up there? You know you do. You have always known. We have always known and in all ways known. Your dreams. Your deepest desires. Your moment. We are here to take you there on the neXt step."



Phase 2


Phase 3

09.10.2019 [retroactively]


[2021 date to be announced]

Phase 4

09.11 - 22.11.2020


CCA, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Summerhall, Edinburgh, United Kingdom


We Eagerly Await Your Complete Submission is as an ongoing evolving work examines the parallels between rhetoric used in reality television and doomsday cults. Both promise the participant a ‘truer’ self following a makeover / metamorphosis myth with the reassurance of being subsumed into something larger than themselves. It was inspired by reading about the high number of reality TV contestants who have comitted suicide after being humiliated on national television.


Phase 1 of We Eagerly Await Your Complete Submission  grew out of two experiments. Firstly our work                               which provided the the persona of Paula Goodspeed providing a narcissistic ‘icon’ for the reality show/cult to centre around. Secondly we posted an advert on several talent sites asking, "have you got X?", which to our surprise received 33 video responses which were later anonymised and incorporated into the final show. 

Phase 2 consisted of a pop-up happening in an abandoned industrial unit where participants were encouraged to engage in the makeover/metamorphosis of Paula Goodspeed. 


Phase 3 combined the aforementioned elements into a pseudo-ideology that was advertised via street pastoring as Paula Goodspeed devotees. This along with the work from phases 1 and 2 provided the backdrop for a full stage-show and live performance which weaved the previous phases with AI simulations and generative code. Culminating in audience interaction that places the audience and performer in the same role.

Phase 4 evolved as a response to social distancing complicating audience interaction. Taking elements of the talent experiment in phase 1 and street pastoring in phase 3 to create an audio "help-self" instructional book, 12 Steps to Attain Complete Entitlement












Produced by //BUZZCUT//

with support from Creative Scotland and Anatomy Arts

Filmed by Oliver Benton and Anatomy Art

Photography by Rich Dyson and Tiu Makkonen

Costume design by Noush

Masks by Medis. 

Additional help from Iena Janskova, Karl Taylor, F.K. Alexander, Lewis Sherlock and Decagram


Merik Tiz, Alima Askew, Oskar Hansen, Talulah Hannah Wright, Medis, Noush

Key words:

reality television, doomsday cults, persuasive language, anattā, mirror