The Research Chymical *******

 "This day, today is 
The Research *******!

For this thou wast born and by the will of the people thou May go to the event whereon two temples stand and see there this affair.

Keep watch! Inspect thyself!

And shouldst thou not bathe throughly,

Th******* May work thy bane. Bane comes to those who faileth here.

Let thou beware who is too light.

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22.03.2019 (paperwork submitted 29.03.2019)


Anatomy #22, Summerhall, Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Produced by Anatomy Arts, filmed by Oliver Benton


Merik Tiz, Medis, Jane Loveless, Noush, Dai Jones, Doska Rampage, Sandy Peacock


The Research Chymical ******* was a simultaneous legally binding marriage and divorce ceremony based on the alchemical concept of the chemical wedding between the Red King and White Queen. The legal paperwork was signed the following week 29th March which was set to be the date that the United Kingdom left the European Union. A cathartic work within a climate of political uncertainty, personifying Brexit within the emotive terms used daily in press coverage at the time where it was often referred to as a ‘divorce’. The ceremony was staged at Summerhall with a self-contradicting sermon delivered by priests dressed as the national animals of Great Britain. The words were taken from traditional wedding vows, pieces of EU legislation and prevalent political jargon such as ‘the will of the people’. After flowers were tossed into the audience the wedding dance began which descended into a live increasingly violent noise improvisation. In the weeks preceding the ceremony a proposal/engagement was held in a branch of the chain pub Wetherspoons [a large donor to the Leave campaign] with subsequent hen and stag nights for the Red King and White Queen held in public corresponding to the alchemical processes; nigredo, albedo, xanthosis, ubedo. These were screened before the aforementioned ceremony.

Key words:

wedding, divorce, marriage, annullment, alchemy, research chemicals, Brexit