Amun Rand: False Profit Arise


"Every man, woman and child is a star and when you’re a star they let you do it, you can do anything.



Possibly the most significant artefact to be unearthed from Early Dynastic Egypt and 1980s Wall Street. The sacred knowledge of the eternal Amun Rand as testified through psychic-astral-transmission. The knowledge contained provides the true truth behind society, wealth, economics, health, money, finance and self which has been intentionally hidden from mankind for centuries. This urgent study as it has GREAT ramifications for humanity as it enters a critical turning point in individualistic evolution.




Syn Festival, Teviot Row House, Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Photography by Syn Festival


Merik Tiz, Euan Fraser, Mia Storrier


A mystery play based on the Osiris myth demonstrating the similarities between Ayn Rand’s free-market ideology and individualist magick as a parable for the rise of far-right extremism in the East and West. Two accompanying texts LIBER MAGA: The Black Art of the Deal, created from combined writings of Ayn Rand, Aleister Crowley and Donald J. Trump, and Accountability Mantras created from political social media posts were released shortly after.

Key words:

economics, extremism, politics, terrorism, fundamentalism, free-market, far-right, Osiris, ISIS, Set, Anubis, A new biz,   entrepreneurship, Donald Trump, Ayn Rand, Aleister Crowley