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 Sweætshops® (alternatively stylised as swextshops) is a multidisciplinary artist and multi-instrumentalist blurring the lines between live-art, music, noise, disruption, AI, audience and performer to create allegories for social phenomenon from the waste of 21st century consumerism and pop culture. 


From creating shows about fake news for 0-5 year olds to attending the X-Factor auditions as the blood-vomiting ghost of a humiliated contestant, gathering electromagnetic frequencies from remembrance poppy factories to recording public recollections of 9/11, releasing a self-help tape to accompanying apocalyptic pamphlets. Consumerism, nationalism, media, technology - misinformation overload is processed through our aural conveyor line, bloody and shrink-wrapped to create new configurations of 

ceremonial muzak and mystery shopper plays.

 Variously described as “performance art at its best” (The Write Angle) and “varicoloured and raw…the undeniable energy of a high doom” (Phasmid Press). Their work has been selected for Radiophrenia Festival, Alchemy Moving Image Festival, the National Theatre of Scotland, Palić European Film Festival, Meadows Festival, Listen Again Festival amongst others and awarded the //BUZZCUT// emerging live artist award.

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